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Smart Window Cleaning is committed to protecting your privacy.

Privacy Policy


We collect information from our website users through completion of a contact form. When completing this we ask only for information which is relevant to enable us to respond to a query or to provide a service which has been requested.

We will not provide or sell your personal information to others unless you have given us your permission.

If you wish a copy of the personal information that we process on you, please send your request, including your full address via our contact form.


Cookie Policy

Cookies are just part of the internet now - we can't do without them.

While we don't use cookies directly, certain applications such as Facebook/Twitter news-feeds, website analytics etc etc do use cookies. Social media sites use these cookies to link to your account the same way they use them if you're browsing their main webpage. The analytics cookies tell us what pages of our website are being viewed & for how long, giving us information about which services our website visitors are interested in the most. These statistics do not reveal any personally identifying information about you.